Our values and goals

The Termovent Group is a sales group for manufacturers in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries.
Many producers from all continents who produce high-quality products and would like to distribute them on the rapidly growing Polish market have difficulty reaching all distributors - installation wholesalers, purchasing groups, wholesalers networks and others.In total, it is over a thousand points of sale. Effective building of the sales scale and presence on the Polish market requires placing products in most of these points, which is associated with significant financial outlays. These are expenditures on appropriate and professional commercial and administrative personnel, and above all, expenditures related to the maintenance of the necessary stock levels in order to effectively deliver products ordered by wholesalers. In the case of industry producers, this means investing in own branches throughout the country, which do not make economic sense without an appropriate scale of activity.
The Termovent Group responds to such challenges by being a sales and distribution platform that connects manufacturers with installation wholesalers on a macro scale throughout Poland. Our warehouse facilities as well as sales and advisory personnel allow producers to enter the Polish market, producers for whom otherwise it would be impossible or economically unjustified to do so.
Termovent Group - Polish Sales Platform.


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Our company

specialises in the wide distribution of products used in heating, sanitary and ventilation technology.

Our team

provides an individual approach to the client, while our staff's knowledge of the market combined with experience allows us to provide services at the highest level.

Our warehouse

is a large, perfectly located and very well functioning "organism", thanks to which our customers are guaranteed timely deliveries of products. We ship goods even a few hours after placing an order.

Our suppliers

are renowned producers, well-known in the industry, with production plants located mainly in Western Europe. Their care for high quality and innovative approach to the changing needs of customers ensures the attractiveness of the products on the market.




According to the standard, properly prepared boiler water is a guarantee of many years of trouble-free functionality of the installation.


The necessary equalisation of the flow rates in the installation guarantees the economic use of the system.


Filtration solutions protecting the heating system against all types of contamination.


Heat exchanges and fresh water stations in the most modern installations not only for public buildings, but also for easy installation in single-family houses.


Automatic air vents reliably remove air and gases from the heating system.


Installed in manifolds, precise flow regulators in surface heating installations, both in floor and wall installations.


Every day we "raise the bar" and set new goals that we consistently pursue.

  • B2B trading platform

    A place for professionals which, in addition to the catalogue of our products, also presents educational materials and tutorials. If you are looking for reliable information and extensive knowledge - check our "Tutorials" tab.

  • Efficient customer service

    We value our clients' time, every day we try to ensure that the quality of service is at the highest level.

  • Fast shipping

    Shipping from a warehouse located in Rzeszów means that the available products reach our customers in the country within a maximum of 48 hours.

  • After-sale support

    Our professional advisers will easily answer bothering questions and dispel any doubts about our products.

  • Commercial flexibility

    Are you looking for a product that is not in our offer, but is available from one of our suppliers?
    No problem - contact us. We strive to ensure that every client finds exactly what they are looking for.


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